Our goal is "A Team where everyone is a commander"

FC Chiyoda Club team

Difference between school and club team

Club Team
Guidance principal
Focusing on the individual skills
Focusing on Individual + team
Becoming a member of another team
Participating the game conducted by FC Chiyoda

Club team color

Individual strength = Team strength

 Regardless the systematic framework, we focus on the area that individual growth makes the strong team, we value the idea of individual strategy while building the team.

Personal Growth = Soccer skill Growth

According to the idea that a person does not get his/her soccer skills improved without growth as a person, we coach players to encourage their personal growth as well as to make them independent.

Aiming for being in the topflight = as a human being

Using soccer field to resemble a real society, we develop people who can be successful In the society.

Develop a global person = make friends from different nationality

English conversation during the training as well as the games, Interaction with players with different national backgrounds.


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