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Focus on Individual

Not the team strategy, but focusing on individual skill & StrategyIn terms of cultivating in Japan, the great concern is that group strategy is incorporated too often during their youth.Certainly, the team becomes strong, however, it is questionable if the individual can overcome his/her own challenge.FC Chiyoda focuses on those individual challenges and gives appropriate guidance.

Because this is a “SCHOOL,” you can join while you are a member of another club!!

FBC dribble tutoring session -Every THURSDAY-

Why is dribbling skill so important in today’s soccer scene ?

In today’s soccer scene, a skill to be able to breakthrough in a small space is highly valued At the ‘selection’ in each grade , conducted by J-league teams, they come to evaluate individual skills With poor individual skills,you will not be valued at any age.It is often said that the best timing for improving the dribbling skill is when kids develop their nerve system: At the age of elementary schoolBefore it is too late, let’s improve individual skills!

There are multiple types of dribbling!!

There are many types of dribbling, such as;

and more….Not only with those three, but it is rare to find players at any level of games, who manage those dribbling skills very well.Let’s acquire the skill which is essential in playing any position at earlier stage.

U9,10,11,12 U7,8
Venue Shinanomachi Footsal court Court#4,Court#5 Kojimachi elementary school or
Chiyoda elementary school
Time Every Thursday (once/week)
17:00-18:30 90min.
Every Thursday (once/week)
18:00-19:30 90min.
Fixed Number number of students is limited. number of students is limited.

Benjamin School

幼児専門クラス 月に1回は英語でベンジャミン

Exercise class for toddler.


Using soccer skill to develop various athletic performance!
Due to the fact that there is not enough play ground within central Tokyo, kids’ athletic ability is lower than the national average. 
Under this circumstances, we provide opportunities for the exercise by teaching soccer, and let kids know the enjoyment of exercising, and furthermore, we coach to build their fundamental athletic ability.



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